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25 july 2021

Who we are

ReVolta is an energy technology company based in Belgium and Greece, specializing in energy storage, energy management and circular economy. Our mission is to bring to the market energy storage solutions that are affordable and environmentally friendly. ReVolta is also co-founder of the joint venture Watt4Ever, a one-stop-shop in Belgium for the management of end-of-life electric vehicle batteries and a second-life battery supplier.

Our core activities are:

  • Managing battery storage for buildings. We optimise the use of our clients’ battery storage capacity to increase its value in energy markets, behind-the-meter services such as peak-shaving or EV charging management.

  • Developing new software applications for battery storage both for e-mobility and stationary applications.

  • Engineering & consultancy services in the fields of battery storage management and electricity market design.

The job

ReVolta is looking for a Senior Full-Stack Python Developer to assume a leading role in the development of ReVolta's StoreNet battery management platform.


  • 3-5 years of experience in developing enterprise software are essential

  • Advanced Python is highly desirable. Being proficient in another programming language (e.g., Java) can also work

  • experience with SQL databases

  • experience in handling high throughput and volume of IoT data will be appreciated

  • experience in developing visualisation dashboards


  • English is required

  • Greek, French or Dutch will be considered a plus


Then send us your CV and motivation letter at

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